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Devonport High School for Girls

Student leadership

Each house nominates a representative from each year group from Years 7-11 to sit on weekly Student Council meetings which are led in turn by the Student Executive.  They represent the student body and are involved in such issues as student facilities, charity work, student progress and welfare.  This is a role that we take extremely seriously at DHSG.  We feel that by undertaking a leadership role, we are instilling in our students the qualities of teamwork, leadership, decision making, evaluation, analysis and providing them with an opportunity to be part of a democratic process.  Student leadership is not simply a school council or executive it is the full raft of leadership experience harmonised with our own vision for school improvement. The number of our students involved with wider leadership roles is something that we are very proud of.  Our leadership opportunities develop an environment of innovation, cooperation, and warmth that help our students develop skills to thrive in all aspects of their lives.  It also helps our school to reflect and develop teaching and learning.

Students will be encouraged to contribute formally and informally in a number of ways and through a variety of democratic processes. All student leadership opportunities will be advertised and students are able to apply or volunteer for positions of responsibility at various stages in the academic year.


  • To offer a range of roles, responsibilities and experiences to the student body.
  • To promote active citizenship including British values by establishing functioning democratic bodies with real influence.
  • To develop staff: student dialogue, especially around teaching and learning and pastoral care.
  • To strengthen student engagement.
  • To contribute to whole school improvement.

Student Committee - Lead Teacher Mr Lamb 

Following a hustings process in early March, this will be a democratically elected body which will be composed of one representative from each tutor group from years 7 to 11. It will be the main platform for student voice on general issues relevant to students, and will also provide more focused reflection on school issues through the sub-committee structure.   It will meet on a weekly basis and will be lead and managed by the Student Executive with support from Assistant Head Teacher, Mr Lamb

Form Managers - Lead Teacher Ms Morgan 

Form managers will be a democratically elected body and will be composed of one representative per form.  This will take place in the March of each year.  The role of the form manager is primarily to support the effective management of the form group by assisting the form tutor by ensuring effective communication and assistance with day to day tutorial processes - reading out notices / distributing letters / managing notice boards / collating merits and will also include helping with line ups during assemblies and fire drills.

Transition coach - Lead Teacher Mrs Stacey 

Coaches will be sought via an application process from amongst year 7 students in the May of their year 7 with a total number of 6 coaches per form. Their role will be to act as mentors during their year 8 to year 7 students in their first year. Coaches will be involved in transition work with year 6 pupils particularly on designated transition days and evenings. This group will receive training and support and will meet up with their year 7 students on a regular basis to carry out coaching sessions.

Gifted and talented student voice - Lead teacher Ms Ricks 

The rationale for this group is to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of gifted and talented students in our school, that G&T students know that they are listened to and that mutual respect and trust is developed between staff and students in this area.  Participation in this body is by invitation by the G&T coordinator.  Two representatives from each tutor group will be invited in September to stand for one academic year: one student who has been identified by the most number of subject teachers and another who qualifies for selection through her MidYIS results but who has not been identified by subject teachers. They will meet three times per year in their key stage groups during a Wednesday tutor period.  One person in the group will organise the agenda, write up the minutes and give them to the coordinator to check and disseminate to staff and student senate. One student will sit on the school's student senate

Sports Captains - Lead Teacher Miss Clatworthy 

Those students who are interested in being a Sports Captain must put their names forward to their tutor and explain to the rest of their tutor group why they would like to do the job and why they think they would be good at it.  The tutor group will then vote for the student they believe will represent them best, the successful student will be elected as Sports Captain for their tutor group for that academic year.  The role of the Sports Captain is to represent their form at regular meetings with the PE department, organising their teams for all inter tutor group competitions, and to keep a record of who has represented the form in which activities.

Sports Leadership Academy - Lead Teacher Ms Ricks 

Student representation on this academy will be sought from the Sports leadership courses delivered in Year 10, 11 and 12 at the start of each academic year. Representatives will be identified through their performance within lessons and contribution to extra-curricular leading within school.

The role of the academy is to act as ambassadors for leadership and encourage senior students to offer their time and experience to lead extra-curricular sessions for other students, promote and develop training opportunities for young leaders within the school and support where possible the active involvement of young leaders ensuring they achieve their full potential as a leader.  The academy will liaise with the PE department to help produce extra-curricular timetables that include sessions led by students. To help maximise opportunities for all, the academy will work collaboratively with the girl's active group. The group will meet on a regular basis and will be lead and managed and supported by PE staff.

Sports Leader Level One - Lead Teacher Miss Clatworthy 

The Sports Leader Level One award is offered to all year 10 students within timetabled PE lessons. All students have the opportunity to opt to complete this award regardless of their practical ability within PE. The award strives to develop generic leadership skills through the medium of sport. Candidates will complete 7 units structured to help develop and improve leadership skills used in everyday life. Students are expected to actively volunteer in supporting extra-curricular sessions to help develop confidence and experience as a leader and a volunteer.  The Sports Leader Level One award can be gained with either a Sports or Dance focus.

Duke of Edinburgh - Lead Teacher Ms Ricks 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered to all students in years 10 -13.  The Award consists of three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, the aim being that the girls would do Bronze in year 10, Silver in year 11 and Gold in years 12 & 13.  The Scheme is split into four sections and participants will work their way independently through their Physical, Volunteering and Skill sections.  There will be weekly drop in sessions to monitor their progress and to provide help and support.  For the expedition section, participants will take part in training sessions held at lunchtime before taking part in their practice and assessed expeditions.

Language Leaders – Mrs Broadbent 

The Foreign Language Leader Award, a pilot programme at DHSG from September 2010, is being offered to year 10 students by invitation and on a voluntary basis.  The award strives to develop generic leadership skills and confidence through the medium of language teaching and learning involving pupils from Key Stages 2 and 3.  Candidates will complete 6 units in weekly extra-curricular sessions, a combination of lunchtime and twilight, structured to improve their own linguistic skills and cultural awareness by creating and organising activities which will motivate younger pupils and improve their linguistic skills too.  The course delivery time is a minimum of 30 guided learning hours and in addition to lesson planning, team teaching and creating resources within a course of planned lessons, candidates will be expected to organise a main language showcase event, such as a language festival.  This experience in planning, communication and presentation will also provide a context within which candidates can apply their language skills.

Maths Leaders – Mr Riseborough 

The Maths Leader Award is being offered to year 10 students by invitation and on a voluntary basis.  The award strives to develop generic leadership skills and confidence through the medium of Maths.  Candidates will complete 6 units in weekly extra-curricular sessions; the course delivery time is a minimum of 30 guided learning hours. In addition to lesson planning, team teaching and creating resources, Maths Leaders will work with partner primaries to develop the numeracy skills of their youngsters.

Student Ambassadors - Lead Teacher Mrs Stacey 

Students can express their interest in being a Student Ambassador at any point during the year, but the initial signing up process will be at the start of each academic year.  Student ambassadors will be called upon during the year for Parents' evenings, Open days, Speech day and as tour guides. Their primary role will be to act as good publicists for the school and to support the school in the management of whole school events. They will receive appropriate training tailored to the event that they will support. All students should be encouraged to register voluntarily as DHSG ambassadors.