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Devonport High School for Girls

The curriculum at Devonport High School for Girls relates directly to the school’s mission and ethos statements. The curriculum displays breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression and continuity. The school recognises that education is an on-going process and that the curriculum offered should aide this progression into tertiary phases.

Main Aims
To provide a curriculum structure that supports:

• the development of articulate, autonomous, collaborative learners with high meta-cognition
(knowing themselves as learners)
• the further development of a genuine learning community by supporting learning conversations which are cumulative (teacher to teacher, teacher to student and student to student)
• opportunities to enrich the curriculum through engaging and challenging educational experiences
leading to enhanced outcomes

Our intention is to enable our students to understand ideas for themselves as well as developing an active interest in, and coping with the requirements of the courses they follow. To achieve this, we have designed a curriculum that gives space and time to support an enriched experience where students:

• relate ideas to previous knowledge and experience
• look for underlying principles and patterns in their study
• examine argument and theory critically and cautiously
• are given the opportunity to learn, unlearn and re-learn concepts over time
• check their evidence and relate it to the conclusions they draw
• experience engaging challenges to develop resilience