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Devonport High School for Girls

Year 8 Enterprise Day

Year 8 had their Enterprise day last Friday the 25th of January. It was a fantastic day where students had the opportunity to develop enterprising skills, leadership skills, time management, teamwork, confidence building, and communication and oracy skills.

Taking action on plastics in Plymouth is a key focus for the residents of Plymouth. Businesses across Plymouth are working together to tackle the issue of single use plastics and plastic pollution. The main purpose of the day was to allow Year 8 students an opportunity to consider ways to reduce the use of plastics. Their task was to organise a campaign at DHSG and across Plymouth to support this initiative. There were six elements to the brief including ways to reduce the use of plastic; creating a logo, mascot, slogan; producing a 'bus stop' poster; an incentive / reward scheme; a launch event and a social media plan. Each team then had three minutes to present their plans.

Throughout the day teams showed excellent creativity – some students became the mascots and made accessories to support their ideas. Their displays were well presented, colourful and informative. They also used the plastics from their own lunch boxes and drinks bottles within their work to highlight the issues. They showcased high standard presentation and oracy skills and every student was involved in the presentation of their final campaign. We were very impressed with the overall standard and all teams presented excellent campaigns – well done Year 8. Congratulations to the overall winning group which was Team 24 from 8K.