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Devonport High School for Girls

GCSE Science Live!

Year 10 students had a fantastic day at GCSE Science Live!

Hosted at the Bristol Beacon Theatre yesterday. The event provided a unique opportunity for our students to engage with renowned scientists, offering inspirational lectures and valuable insights to enhance their understanding of scientific concepts.

Throughout the day, students were privileged to witness enlightening lectures from distinguished scientists. A session led by a chief examiner imparted practical advice, guiding students on the path to achieving top grades in their upcoming exams.

Professor Alice Roberts shared the fascinating intersection of genetics and archaeology, unveiling discoveries about early Britons, including the intriguing case of the Amesbury Archer.

Professor Lord Robert Winston captivated the audience with images offering an unprecedented view of the ovary and fallopian tubes, presenting groundbreaking work in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Emphasising the importance of persistence, Professor Winston left a lasting impression on our students, reminding them of a key element to success in various aspects of life.

Intriguing demonstrations by Professor Andrea Sella unravelled the chemistry behind the zebra's stripes, showcasing equilibrium principles. Dr. Eleanora D'Elia illuminated the wonders of material science, using visual aids to explain phenomena such as iridescence in nature and the adhesive capabilities of geckos to walls.

The day concluded with an exciting and interactive lecture from Professor Dave Cliff on computer science, challenging the notion of Moore's Law and emphasising the unpredictable nature of the future, as he cleverly stated, "You cannae change the laws of physics."

To sum up the day, students shared their own perspectives:

"It was a fun experience that highlighted the accessibility of science to everyone."

"The event provided an awesome opportunity to witness passionate individuals finding joy in their subjects; truly inspiring."

We extend our gratitude to @gcsesciencelive for orchestrating such an enriching experience.