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Devonport High School for Girls

Extension studies

Independent Learning Skills (ILS)/EPQ

At DHSG we strongly believe in supporting the curriculum with opportunities developed to support the wider skills required for employability and higher education.  All students have a timetabled lesson called Independent Learning Skills (ILS) which instils valuable skills of research, evaluation and independent learning.  Students have the option of using the ILS to complete an Extended Project Qualification in Year 13.  This allows students to pick a topic of their choice whether this is something purely academic or something more project-based and practical and audit the process they go through in researching and realising their piece to fruition.  This is a qualification that is extremely well-valued by both higher education and employers alike and gives the students the confidence to be independent in their wider studies.  

Core Mathematics

This qualification is the latest addition to our array of Extension Studies and is designed for a variety of students that may wish or need to take mathematics further.  This course goes well for students that are studying sciences, but might not be natural mathematicians, for people who wish to take maths as a subject, but do not quite want to do an A-Level, or simply for people who wish to develop the range of transferrable skills for the next phase of their lives.  This course does carry with it an award which is Level 3 equivalent and is an excellent course complimenting a range of different disciplines.  Depending on certain circumstances, some students may be advised to take Core Mathematics to help them in their pathway of chosen A-Level subjects.

Silver Sports Leader Award and PE

We also offer other extracurricular activities such as the silver sports leader award.  Here, students undertake 8 units that challenge students' leadership skills both within a school and community setting. In order to complete the course students must; pass a basic first aid course, lead/volunteer for a 6 week extra-curricular unit of activity within the school and complete 10 hours of community volunteering/leadership, and as part of our promotion of student independence students are encouraged to source their own placements. (where possible students are expected to find their own community placements). We also offer recreational PE where students have the ability to choose the types of sports and activities that they wish to pursue and are able to combine their academic pursuits with that of their sporting interests.  A myriad of sports are offered, both indoor and out, and students also have the opportunity to use the multi gym as well.

Work Experience

Students will have the opportunity to undertake work experience on Wednesday afternoons if they wish. This is an extremely important part of the students' extended curriculum, and helps them especially in the fields of law, medicine and education.


To help underpin many of the humanity or arts based subjects, Anthropology is often a popular choice.  A study of humanity from a variety of perspectives be it social, cultural, political or even biological is often valued by the students and helps understand how humans have become the drivers for societal change and how we have evolved as a race.  The subject combines many facets of academic disciplines and is very popular with our students due to the resonance with many subjects.  However a great many take Anthropology as their enrichment subject purely for academic interest.

The DofE training dates can be found on our  Extra-Curricular Opportunities page